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28-29 January 202

Saturday was a hot one in Kaiteriteri as we set up the stage truck, prayer tent, faceprinting area, and the BBQ.

We made a note that some shade cover might be a good investment.

The trip over in the Bus is always a highlight for the team as we share what God has put on our hearts.  We had Carl join us, a musician with Blenheim roots and he shared his story as we made our way over the hill. Lance challenged us with some thought provoking questions which made for great conversations.

We arrived pumped and excited to see what God would do at the MOVE event at Bethany Park.

The campers started to trickle over to the grassed area as the music got underway unperturbed by the heat of the sun.

Kids waited patiently for a little face paint from our team who are still perfecting this skill…The full face raptor request was redirected to Rochelle for a more manageable spider man look instead!

Qarni band kept the music flowing, their confidence and talents growing each week.

Carl joined the band for a few original songs and then shared his journey with the crowd of how he has overcome many battles in his life and in the process found a real relationship with Jesus.

Megan spoke with the kids telling them that God created them on purpose and with a purpose and encouraged them to remember that they are all special just the way they are.

Joel shared a message about how to connect with God in a personal way. after a crowsd participation game and the odd lolly scramble, the music wrapped up and the campers headed back to the campground.

The team gathered for some tea, then some ventured to the beach, others went where God directed them to find people to share the love of Jesus with and others played board games as the evening drew to a close.


Sunday brought a cooler morning and we began with breakfast and an impromptu reading of the whole book of Esther. We gathered round to listen as Ezra & Lance started reading and this too was a highlight of the weekend.

Dilllon returned after talking with God down on the beach and shared what God had showed him.

He saw hundreds of people on the shoreline waiting. It became clear that they were waiting for their ride out to the Abel Tasman park as two big catamarans backed in with ramps down.

Dillon inquired as to what the Lord was showing him. The holocaust came to mind as many Jewish people, young and old lined up too, sent off in train carriages thinking they were going to some holiday destination but only to lead them to their destruction. Like this the path is wide that leads to destruction and many choose it, some unknowingly as to where it leads.

He then noticed the small water taxi pull in and just a handful of people boarding it. A picture of the narrow path that few find as they live their lives for Jesus.

God encouraged him with the thoughts that what we are doing is like the small water taxi.

We might not have the masses join us (yet) and many may not discover what Jesus can do for them but we must press on. We too were encouraged…the worship started and a few people came back to join us and some just listened…it was a beautiful setting to worship our wonderful God; Tui’s singing with us in the tree tops, monarch butterflies gracefully soaring on the breeze, hands raised and faces aglow as the music sang out across the area.

Ando shared a story that touched us all. A story of hardship, hope, generosity and the traps of this world.

Lunch followed with a meeting of some fellow christians with the passion for seeing the lost saved which was encouraging to see others pursuing the same calling in their way. We packed up and we headed for home.

The Bus emptied out just out of Nelson as we dropped some of the team at a combined worship meeting.

Just before Rai Valley the fuel light came on which hasn’t shown itself before.

On inspection Lance and Dillon could see we were leaking fuel. A quick top up and we were on our way with ice creams in hand.

We dropped off Lance at Raupara and just as headed into the outskirts of Blenheim with the light reappearing…a few coughs and splutters later the Move bus drifted to a halt.

Ben came to the rescue and took Dillon to get a little more fuel… we were left with no air, no power steering, and a flat battery after numerous attempts to restart it.... Stuck!

Unable to open the lockers to retrieve gear, unable to tow the vehicle it sat for several hours at the side of Old Renwick Road as we pondered what to do.

A huge billboard reading “the Move…taking Jesus to the nation” sat idle on Old Renwick Road.

A gracious neighbour whose driveway we were blocking took photos to share with her boss as it was looking like she may not be able to get her car out to get to work!

Not quite the ending we were expecting after a great weekend but we were very grateful that the breakdown happened where it did.

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