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God is always close.  He is never far away.  He often speaks in a whisper....and He longs for you to move closer to Him so you can hear Him more clearly.

He loves conversation back and forth with you. He is the One who has all the answers and he longs for more connection and intimacy with you .

Do you want this kind of relationship with God? One so close that He merely whispers in your ear and you follow?
You can have that... because it's what God wants with you too.  



Does God really exist ...​

Many suggest God doesn't even exist, that this life we experience and the world that we live in is just coincidence, chance or luck. They say "there is no Master Creator nor an eternity to consider" so they focus on this life and all it has to offer  for they think there is nothing beyond it


Others imagine each one of us, good or bad, all get a free pass into Heaven, no matter the life we have lived, so why worry, do what you want, when and how you want, without considering God...

it makes no difference to our "automatic" right of entry to Heaven.


But God wants us to discover the truth...


The truth about the God who desires real relationship with you .

 Yes the Creator of the universe longs to be known by you.

For you to understand that not only did He create you, but He did that with real purpose.

He has a wonderful plan for your life including eternity,  and one that we will discover 

as we truly seek after Him. 


God sent Jesus to die on the cross to make all this possible ... it was the only way 


"For God so loved the world that he gave his only son so that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life " John 3:16

As we seek after God and understand the truth of who Jesus is, we can discover a real relationship with God.

This isn't something "magical" nor will it mean that all of life's problems suddenly disappear, but what you will discover is a relationship with One that is like that best friend you have always wanted, complete with back and forth conversations with someone that will carry your burdens, give you real peace in difficult moments, encourage you, guide your path, and give you eternal hope.


The Bible is His love story to us and as we read it, talk with Him, and seek after Him, we will find all that we need in order to have a real relationship with Him.

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